*Update* Chris Kyle's widow drops identity theft charges against man

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UPDATE 7/1/15: Charges against Spencer Coursen were dropped on June 24, 2015 after Taya Kyle requested the case be dismissed.
The widow of slain Navy sniper Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle, is now the victim of identity theft.

The suspect accused in the crime is someone who provided security detail for her during her recent book tour.

Taya's credit card thefts happened over a period of less than two weeks in December and January. The thefts were discovered as Taya was getting her tax returns prepared.

An arrest warrant affidavit for Spencer Coursen accuses Coursen of using Taya's credit card information and spending thousands of dollars in rental car charges.

"There was an amount of betrayal involved, because this was someone that she had hired actually for purposes of security," said Taya's attorney, Lawrence Friedman. "So instead of protecting her, it was a betrayal."

Coursen is listed as head of the company Coursen Security Group.

A Midlothian police affidavit says Taya told police she hired Coursen for private security during her tour between August and October 2013.

Police say Taya told them she thinks Coursen "recorded her credit card information when she asked him to pick up a computer and pay for it with her credit card."

Coursen was arrested Wednesday at a house in central Austin.

"She's not prejudging anyone or anything, and she will wait until the process runs its course," said Friedman.

In the document, police also say Coursen used "…Taya Kyle's credit card without her consent on December 23, 2013 for the amount of $1,430.40 and again on January 3, 2014 for the amount of $4,814.00."

The affidavit says Coursen had an account with a rental car company and that "…Taya Kyle's credit card was added [to the account] after Coursen's credit card was declined."

"This has been a tough year for her, with the loss of her husband and the betrayal by business partners and the issues with Jesse Ventura up in Minnesota," said Friedman.

Friedman represents Chris Kyle's estate in the defamation lawsuit brought by Jesse Ventura, the former SEAL, professional wrestler and Governor of Minnesota. The suit is based on an entry in Chris' book, American Sniper.

Friedman says the identify theft is one more difficulty the family didn't need.

"She's a great woman, she's got a great family, she's honest, she's strong and she's got the ability to rise to the occasion," said Friedman.

Friedman says Taya is very thankful for the quick work done by Midlothian and Austin police and the Texas Rangers in bringing a quick end to the case.

Chris Kyle was killed a little over a year ago, allegedly by a troubled veteran he was trying to help.

This is an update to a previous story. The original version is as follows:

The Lonestar Fugitive Task Force arrested 38-year-old Spencer Coursen in Austin Wednesday afternoon and charged him with credit or debit card abuse -- that's a state jail felony.

Coursen is considered a security expert -- owner of Coursen Security Group and a former U.S. Army Ranger who led 80 special ops combat missions.

He's made plenty of appearances on television talking about the subject. His website says he's led protection details for dignitaries, heads of state, CEO's and celebrities.

He even made a brief cameo in the movie "Zero Dark Thirty" and acted as a consultant on the Oscar-nominated film.

Wednesday afternoon, he was arrested here in Austin on Northwood Road by the task force.

According to an affidavit from the Midlothian Police Department in North Texas, Kyle's wife Taya Kyle noticed the fraud while doing her taxes.

Her brother-in-law was helping her with the taxes and he realized there were suspicious charges for rental cars.

More than $6,000 in charges were made to Hertz Rental late last year and earlier this year from Spencer Coursen's account -- but using Taya Kyle's credit card number.

The affidavit says Coursen added Kyle's credit card number to his account after his was declined.

"There was an amount of betrayal involved because this is someone that she had hired actually for the purposes of security. So instead of protecting her, it was a betrayal," said Kyle's attorney Lawrence Friedman.

The affidavit goes on to say that Taya Kyle gave Coursen her credit card number at some point when she wanted him to pick up a computer and put it on her card...but didn't give him permission to make any other charges.

Coursen's bond has been set at $7,500.