UT Professors allowed to ban guns from offices when open carry goes into effect

Professors at the University of Texas will be allowed: to ban guns from their offices - when campus carry goes into effect next month.

The board of regents discussed a number of changes in the policy Wednesday regarding open carry on campus.

The board first talked about if a licensed gun holder must carry a handgun without a chambered round.  The board voted in favor of letting students carry a loaded weapon, despite the University President not supporting it.

They also voted in favor of letting faculty members decide to allow weapons in their offices. If they don't, they have let people know by a sign on their door or by telling notifying them they cannot.

The UT concealed carry policy  does  prohibit guns in certain areas on campus like; sporting events, labs, animal research centers, disciplinary hearing rooms, medical & mental health clinics, polling places, and activities involving minors.

Regents and some students both agreed on one thing they are not confident everyone will know the rules. Paul Foster is one of the Chairmen for the University. ‘I think it's a big concern, I mean the rules are not even the same from campus to campus. Again, we try to look at it from a very common sense approach and we try to keep in mind what the legislature said which was let the university president make their own rules, and unless they are way out of bounds, implement those rules.” CJ Grisham is the President of Open Carry Texas and is also a future UT student, “It's going to be very confusing to me if a place where I’m supposed to go or I go every day is not posted, and I suddenly go to class one day and it's posted,” he said.

Three UT professors filed a federal lawsuit last week saying that forcing them allow guns in their classrooms violates their constitutional rights.

The campus carry goes into effect August 1st, which is the same day the anniversary of the UT tower shooting, which happened 50 years ago.