UT stabbing suspect moves forward with insanity defense

Thursday was University of Texas stabbing suspect Kendrex White's first court appearance since his attorneys filed a notice, saying he would plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but the state wants to evaluate White on their own.

"Now my expert hired by the district attorney's office is authorized to go talk to Mr. White in jail, review all of his reports and his records, and generate a report indicating her opinion as to his sanity at the time of offense," said Bill Bishop, Asst. District Attorney.

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That doctor they will get to evaluate white is Dr. Maureen Burrows.

On May 1 2017, the U.T. community lost freshman Harrison Brown. Prosecutors say White stabbed him to death, and injured three others. The state is fighting to discount the insanity argument.

"It presents a new challenge but our goal is always to see that justice is done so we need to see our report and see what our expert believes," said Bishop.

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White’s attorneys declined to comment on the plea or the case as a whole while at the courthouse Thursday. Harrison's mother believes the insanity plea is absurd.

"I wasn't surprised, it's always shocking. I was not surprised." she said.

"He knew exactly what he was doing," said Brown.

Shortly after his death, she dealt with another loss, her husband.

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"Every day I wake up and think, I miss Harrison and my husband," said Brown.

Thursday, other family members were in court, to hear white and his attorneys enter the plea.

"You try to put it out of your mind, but when you come back to something like this, it just brings up all those emotions again," said Will Greene, friend of the family.

"Nobody has any idea what the victims go through and the families. It's a second by second every day thing we go through," said Kelly Brown-Requa, Harrison’s aunt.

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After the state's psychiatrist has evaluated White, the findings will be reported in court on May 8. Harrison's family says, they are putting their faith in the justice system. "Honestly I know for a defense to prove they were insane at the time is really difficult. I wish them luck," said Brown.

"I just want justice for Harrison," said Greene.