Video of baby struggling to swim infuriates others

A video of a baby struggling to stay afloat in a swimming pool is inspiring some pretty strong reactions.

Posted to Facebook on May 2, the video - which is captioned "So hard to watch but every kid should learn this young!" - shows a baby girl on the steps of a pool.

An adult behind the camera lures her off the steps by holding a shoe just out of her reach. The infant falls face-first into the water and begins to sink.

She manages to flip herself over and float back up to the surface.

The video continues for about a minute-and-a-half, with the baby struggling to keep her head above water, before the woman behind the camera finally picks her up.

Despite the fact that there is clearly more than one adult present for the swimming lesson and the little girl is a surprisingly competent at swimming - or floating - the video is difficult to watch for many.

"I think it's horrible. That baby should have felt that their parents would help and comfort. Not just letting her suffer like that. It was obviously stressful for the baby," one Facebook commenter wrote.


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