WATCH: Baby elephant in kiddie pool is sheer joy

The Dallas Zoo's elephant calf took his first dip in a kiddie pool and video posted by the zoo online shows that it was sheer joy.

The little guy, who doesn't have a name quite yet, is two-months-old and was born on May 14 to his mother, "Mlilo."

He obviously loved his first experience in his new pool and the Dallas Zoo said that as he grows, so will his inflatable pool.

In addition to this first, he is trying to put actual food in his mouth. The zoo says he is very much like a toddler, easily distracted, and participating in endless nursing and multiple naps and playtime sessions.

The zoo rescued Mlilo and several other African elephants from Swaziland this spring because of the severe drought, and she gave birth to this baby calf at the zoo.