Website allows Pflugerville community help police solve crimes

You can now help Pflugerville police solve theft cases and other crimes.

A new website lists pictures of suspects they need help identifying.

When it comes to finding a suspect in a crime Michael De La Rosa a detective for Pflugerville police said sometimes your best bet is asking the public a simple question, who did it? “We may not know the identity of the individual but we may have a vehicle description and just by airing that out on social media and getting it out there somebody may have seen the vehicle earlier in the neighborhood, somebody may even know the individual from the surveillance video footage,” said De La Rosa.

Pflugerville PD taking a more modern approach in asking the public for help. The police department created a web page called whodunit. There they post pictures of vehicles, suspects, people of interest anything case related so anyone with internet access can check out and submit a tip. “The reason why we started this webpage is assist in solving local lower level penalty offenses,” said De La Rosa.

So far, the whodunit page has been pretty good at finding out who did it. “Very successful in numerous theft cases that we've been working,” said De La Rosa. Right now the page's focus is in retail thefts like at their popular Stone Hill Town Center, but according to De La Rosa this isn't its only purpose.

“Residential burglaries, vehicle burglaries, criminal mischief,” said De La Rosa.

While case details on the page are limited, De La Rosa said it can be just enough to help keep the streets clean. “Gives the location where the offense occurred, gives a brief description as far as the person who was involved,” said De La Rosa.

The department made this page after researching how other police departments ask the public for help. To learn more about whodunit, click here.