WilCo Cold Case Investigation: Sonya Wallace

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for help with a cold case investigation. It involves a teenager, Sonya Wallace, whose body was found in a creek bed three weeks after she was reported missing in February 1999.

Wallace was 15 and attending Rockdale High School when she went missing. 

John Pokorny with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office says that Wallace "was a typical teenager. She had a lot of friends."

The Williamson County Sheriff's Cold Case Unit says Wallace didn't have any major offenses and that she wasn't a violent person. They say she spent a lot of time in Taylor, Elgin and North Austin.

"Last person to see her when she was leaving her house in Rockdale was going to the post office to buy stamps so from that post office in Rockdale and down to Copeland that's probably a 30-45 minute drive," Pokorny says.

Pokorny says when Wallace's body was found in eastern Williamson County they believe that she had been dead for a some time since she went missing.

Wallace's case is one of the 11 unsolved murder cases dating back to 1979 that is being investigating by a special cold case unity put together by Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody in July 2017.

Detectives believe Wallace's high school friends could have vital information about her disappearance and details surrounding her death.

"At the time they might have been 16,17,18 but now they're well into their life they have kids of their own their lifestyle has changed their mentality has changed and somebody out there they know something," Pokorny says.

The Cold Case Unit says they've interviewed more than 100 people so far about Wallace's disappearance and death. Now they're extracting DNA in the hopes it will lead investigators to new information.

You're asked to contact the Williamson County Sheriff's Office if you have any information.