Williamson Co. Prosecutors ask to toughen bond for suspected drunk driver

Monday night FOX 7 aired a story with the mother of the army veteran killed in a crash with a suspected drunk driver on Veterans Day. She was angry because the driver was out on bond within hours.

Now the Williamson County District Attorney's Office is trying to get tougher bond conditions.

Police say 25-year-old Domonick Turner was struck and killed last Wednesday by John McClintock who was driving the wrong way on I-35.

FOX 7 spoke with Turner's mother Monday night. She came to town to talk with investigators and have her son cremated.

"I just don't have words. We're empty. We're lost. There's something sucked out of my heart and it will never be back," said Sharon Turner.

McClintock was arrested for intoxication manslaughter.

As Turner's family found out he bonded out of jail four hours after being booked in. They say at that time they were still unaware of Turner's death.

"He could go out and borrow his sister's car, his mom's car, he could go out and do it again and the next time it could be your child," said Sharon Turner.

The magistrate lined out bond conditions to include--no alcohol and the installation of an interlock device within 30 days.

Like the Turners, the Williamson County District Attorney's Office felt the bond and conditions were not tough enough.

"We're looking out for public safety in this case. This is a very serious case. This is not a routine or DWI. Most DWIs we treat them is very serious because there is that threat serious bodily injury or death. Here unfortunately, it is a worst-case scenario so we want to make sure consistent with public safety we monitor this defendant closely," said First Assistant District Attorney Mark Brunner.

First Assistant District Attorney Mark Brunner filed a motion to increase McClintock's bond. He says he would like to see a bond of $80-100 thousand dollars for a second degree felony. McClintock received a $50 thousand dollar bond.

Brunner will also ask a judge to require Turner to wear a SCRAM device. The device is essentially an ankle monitor that checks for alcohol use. He also wants the interlock device in use as soon as possible.

"Trying to shrink that 30 day window because I want to know a lot sooner if the defendant is in fact complying with the bond conditions and he is not using alcohol," said Brunner.

Prosecutors will present their requests before a judge next Tuesday.

If the judge approves a higher bond amount, McClintock will go back to jail. Brunner says it's not about money. It's to make sure McClintock is abiding by the conditions of his bond and not drinking any alcohol.

Turner's funeral is set for the 21st.