Williamson County approves increase in law enforcement pay

Williamson County has approved a pay increase for law enforcement and tenured staff.

The Commissioners Court recently approved a five percent increase in pay for all law enforcement officers and an additional one to five percent increase for all tenured staff, for an average of approximately seven percent, in the FY 2022-23 budget.

According to the county, since October 2018, county law enforcement salaries have seen three cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), an 11 percent total increase, in addition to receiving approximately two percent more yearly for tenure. Corrections employees also have had three cost-of-living increases in that same time for a total of 21%. 

In June 2021, the county says that the tenure step chart was changed, and annual tenure increases range from 5% for the starting base salary to 1% for 10 years of tenure and above to "create a higher paying career path with increases at a faster rate".

All law enforcement and corrections employees will go up one step on the tenure chart on October 1 if they have been employed at Williamson County for one year, says the county.