With finals complete, Humble ISD students wait two months to graduate

In Humble ISD, seniors are turning in their final assignments, but instead of preparing to graduate this weekend, they’ll have to wait another two months to make that walk due to coronavirus.

Humble ISD seniors were supposed to graduate this Saturday, but an executive order from the governor canceled that. Now they won’t don their caps and gowns until the week of July 20.

“I’m excited I don’t have to turn in anything for Kingwood High School ever again,” said Travis Reeves, a senior who finished his final high school assignment this week.

Now begins his two-month wait to graduate.

“We didn’t want to get an earlier date and potentially have to change it based on the information that we were dealing with, and so we selected the July 20 through 25 week,” said Trey Kraemer, the assistant superintendent for high schools at Humble ISD.

Kraemer says graduation will take place at Turner Stadium, over the course of six days--a different high school each day.

“It’s perfectly large enough to social distance all our graduates where they can be on the field, and can’t wait to see all those caps go up in the air,” said Kraemer.

But some parents are protesting, saying two months is much too long to wait.

“I don’t know why they chose to do that,” said Jim Reeves, Travis’ dad. “It’s almost like a psychological piling on if you will. I know talking to my son and his friends, they’re ready to move on. We’ve got college stuff to look at.”

“There needs to be some sort of closure to their senior year in a timely manner so that we can move forward and get on to the things that they’ve been looking forward to,” said Jennifer Korb whose son is a senior at Kingwood Park High School.

Some parents are asking the district to do graduation in June like other districts are doing.

“Will they change like everyone else?” asked Ann Marie Sayegh whose daughter is a senior at Kingwood High School. “Like The Woodlands changed? I understand that’s Montgomery County. Katy ISD changed--the middle of June.”

“We’re just trying to get it over with,” said Travis. “We need to move on with our lives and get this phase of our lives finished.”

Other parents say they’re impressed with the way Humble ISD has handled the coronavirus curveball.

“Nobody really knew if there would be a graduation that was going to take place at all, so I’m grateful that they picked a date that was far enough out we could still make plans,” said Michele Linn-Lucker whose daughter is a Kingwood Park High School senior. “We could still invite guests.”

“I think the most important thing is just getting to walk with my classmates and just being surrounded by loved ones regardless of date, time, place,” said Bethany Lucker, Michele’s daughter. “That’s really the most important thing.”