Young children found safe at Bull Creek Park

Two children are home safe after getting lost at Bull Creek Park.

Austin police got to the park about just after noon and searched for over an hour before locating the three and four year old boys.
The two boys were with their mothers and were playing in the woods with sticks. Their parents weren't worried because the boys come to the area often, but when their parents turned around the boys were gone.

After trying to find them on their own for ten minutes the parents called police for help.

Officers arrived and started canvassing the area hiking up and down steep hills all around the park. After an hour, officer David Billins located the children in a neighborhood about a mile away.

Billins said the children were having a great time and didn't even know police were looking for them.

They were picked up by police and reunited with their parents.

"Granted, I was confident we were going to find them. We had a lot of people out here looking. We had the air unit up here looking. I was confident they were going to turn up. It was where they were going to turn up and how long it was going to take that was really a concern," said Austin police officer David Billins

Austin police want to remind parents to keep a close eye on their children, especially in public places.