Zilker Holiday Tree draws generations of attendees

The Zilker Holiday Tree is lit up for the 56th year.

One family that spans four generations has been coming for about 50 years.

"She brought me, this is my mom, I brought her, this is my daughter, and now she's bringing her son, Samuel," Patricia Bloodworth said.

Patricia's mother is 85 years old. Her daughter Hannah is 24, and her grandson is four. 

"It's a family tradition that we will do every year, because it's such a great way to kick off the season," Patricia said.

The tree stands 155 feet tall in Zilker Park and has 3,309 lights.


As the family kicks off the Christmas season, they're grateful to have each other.

"It means the world to me, during Thanksgiving, that's what we were thankful for. The fact that we have so much family and love and support," Patricia said.

"All of us get along real good, there is no squabble anywhere, and it makes me happy," Geraldine Konarik, Patricia's mother, said.

Seeing the tree is a tradition that will continue for generations to come.

"I might wait until that one has another one," Geraldine said about Samuel with a laugh.  

"You're going to see his grandkids too, huh," Samuel's mother said. 

"We're going to make you live that long for sure," Patricia said.