UT Austin develops new system for crowd control during football games

September 7th this happened to thousands of students trying to get inside UT's football stadium. "Everyone knew this was a big game so everyone was trying to get a seat," Miranda Larralde says.

The Longhorns faced off against the LSU Tigers.

Larralde and her friends were trying to get through the student gate to watch the game, but the crowd thickened and people started pushing and shoving. She says, "we had locked arms but once people started pushing forward I lost 3 of my friends."

Some students were trampled and hurt, others just in shock.

This point I was a little scared I thought my phone was going to break, and I was just trying to get in. So she took to Twitter posting this video. Moments later, UT athletics responded. And almost two weeks later things are changing for this weekend's game against Oklahoma State.

Drew Martin with UT Athletics says they've developed a new system where students can come in. This includes physical barricades that actually route students inside those gates. "There are barricades up right now. For testing. UT athletics did some walkthroughs with campus leadership to make sure they were set right. But they'll be set on Saturday for actual game day," Martin says.

Larralde says she's optimistic, this time around. "Hopefully not another stampede. And hopefully this is a lot safer, obviously I don't know how this is going to go. But I am glad UT is taking precautionary measures and putting things in place."



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