Erin Condren opens up Austin flagship store

Advanced technology means many people turn to smart phones and tablets to help stay organized and help plan busy lives. Erin Condren took a chance in the digital age and now has built a paper products empire.

Bright colors and bold patterns make up Condren's signature style so it's no surprise that's what people will find when visiting the flagship retail store that recently opened in the Domain Northside.

From the rainbow staircase to the sunken couches and giant whimsical tree it's an Instagram worthy space that's meant to be more than just a store.

"In creating (the) space I wanted to make something that was colorful. Inspiring. Something that people would feel is a home away from home," Condren says.

Condren has created a line of customizable stationary and notebooks including the LifePlanner which has more than a million users. But Condren's success didn't come without skepticism.

"A lot of people looked at me like, 'Hey planner lady there's an iPhone for that!'", Condren says.

In fact Condren launched the brand's signature product, the LifePlanner, the year the first iPhone was released. She was a former apparel industry employee who was a stay at home mom with twin babies when she started what she thought would be a side business.

"I thought, you know what, I need to start printing baby announcements, printing holiday cards. Pepole started to see my AOL address on the back of them and it just started to grow," Condren says.

As technology advanced, Condren says she found there was a market for paper products and a desire to write things down. 

At the 5,500 square foot flagship customization happens almost instantly. Customers choose their design and some items are printed right there on site

For fans of Condren's products it all adds to the fun and Condren loves getting to witness it all.

"Taking a chance at retail was scary," Condren says, "Opening doors when others are closing and to see people walk through these doors and fill their bags and have their stories about how this brand is helping them find a better balance, create better time management, they have time to do the things they really want to do, is so empowering."

Condren always reminds people her success didn't happen overnight.

"I hear these girls think they're going to graduate and their dreams are going to come true and get the best job or they're going to start a blog and I'm here to say yes, YOLO, you only live once, but sometimes that means taking the job, getting the paycheck," Condren says.

And eventually the hard work will pay off.

You can get more information about Erin Condren and her products here.