How to help animals affected by Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian continues to pummel the Bahamas and keeps millions from Florida to the Carolinas on alert, nonprofits have been working around the clock to help animals in need of medical care and a safe place to stay.

Below are some of the many nonprofits, rescues and shelters on the ground that are offering support during Hurricane Dorian:

Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has coordinated the evacuation of approximately 80 animals out of three Florida animal shelters. The nonprofit's transport aims to increase the capacity of the shelters as they prepare for potential flooding, structural damage and an anticipated influx of animals displaced by the storm.

Michigan Humane Society will receive the animals and distribute them among their partners in Michigan.

“By transporting dogs and cats who were already up for adoption out of the region, we are able to increase the capacity of the threatened communities as they prepare for flooding and an anticipated influx of displaced animals," said Kate MacFall, Florida senior state director for HSUS.

Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue is a nonprofit that flies endangered, adoptable pets to open shelters to make room for homeless and lost pets in need.

The organization is working with Brandywine Valley SPCA and the ASPCA to transport more than 100 pets from Carolina shelters during Hurricane Dorian.

In preparation for Hurricane Dorian, has been working with various nonprofits on the ground to deliver life-saving supplies for humans and pets.

Its disaster response team has shipped 500 crates from its partners at The Animal Rescue Site for pre-storm animal evacuations and relief flights after the storm. It has also delivered 20 pallets of food and five pallets of kitty litter to Florida State Animal Response Coalition for use in co-located shelters.

In addition to food, its team will deliver veterinary pharmaceuticals to agencies in the path of the storm, such as flea and tick medication, heartworm medication and vaccines, to treat thousands of pets in affected areas.

Humane Society Naples

Humane Society Napes in Florida assisted with the rescue of nearly 60 adoptable animals from two shelters in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Cats, dogs, bunnies and a guinea pig from The Animal Allies Of Levy County Animal Services and Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County are now out of harm's way at the no-kill shelter.

Charleston Animal Society

"We will go where needed to save these animals caught in the path of Hurricane Dorian,” said Charleston Animal Society President and CEO Joe Elmore. (Charleston Animal Society)

Charleston Animal Society, of South Carolina, is making 24/7 evacuation efforts as Hurricane Dorian continues approaches the United States coast.

On Friday, two teams from Charleston Animal Society deployed to Brevard and Osceola counties in Florida to bring shelter animals out of harm’s way. “We will go where needed to save these animals caught in the path of Hurricane Dorian,” said Charleston Animal Society President and CEO Joe Elmore.

Greenville Humane Society

South Carolina's Greenville Humane Society has pulled at least a dozen animals from shelters in the path of Hurricane Dorian, with more than 50 others scheduled to arrive in the coming days.

"We are already at capacity and need your help to find as many forever homes for our pets as possible! " Greenville Humane Society wrote in a Facebook post. "The more pets we adopt out the more we can take in to make space for animals displaced by the hurricane."

Florida Urgent Rescue, Inc. 

Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR) is helping to evacuate dogs and cats from rural shelters in advance of Hurricane Dorian. This is the sixth hurricane in which the FUR Urgent Transport program has helped relocate urgent animals. During Hurricanes Florence and Hurricane Michael, FUR provided emergency evacuation and transport of more than 200 dogs and cats.