'Ruff' day? Book a relaxing stay at this giant beagle-shaped bed & breakfast

If you love dogs and are looking for a weekend of rest and relaxation, this hotel shaped liked a giant beagle might be just the place.

The Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast, currently listed on AirBNB for about $132 per night, is located in Idaho and sleeps four. Guests who “kennel” at the canine-themed inn can enjoy a continental breakfast and scenic views of the picturesque town of Cottonwood.

The inn, located midway between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, is run by husband and wife owners and artists Frances Conklin and Dennis Sullivan.

“Dennis owned his own construction business before becoming an artist, hence he had the design and building capability to create every structure at Dog Bark Park which was established 22 years ago,” Conklin explained.

Featuring a pair of beagle structures on the property, the smaller of the two was first built as a roadside attraction to draw people from the highway to the couple’s chainsaw art studio and gift shop.

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Conklin said the larger beagle structure was later built and turned into a bed and breakfast-style guesthouse.

“Its completion in 2003 coincided with widespread use of the internet allowing word to fan across the globe about Idaho’s big beagle hotel,” Conklin said.

Now in its 17th season of welcoming travelers to the quirky dog-haven, guests can stay at the giant beagle from April through October and make memories that will last fur-ever.

Conklin said the couple’s favorite part of running the Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast is getting to meet people from around the world, who added that they had no idea it would become such an iconic attraction for the state.

“We are deeply honored to introduce guests to Idaho as part of the their initial booking inquiries and happy to share our rural, quiet part of the state by suggesting activities and events tailored to each guest’s interests.”

And yes, guests are welcome to bring their own dogs with arrangements made prior to arrival.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.