2 people save man from burning car in Bee Cave using their own truck

The Bee Cave Police Department says the quick thinking of two people helped saved the life of a man who crashed his car there. A person driving on Hamilton Pool Road, Wednesday, flipped their car which then began to catch fire.

This is the second rollover on the road so far, this week.

Hamilton Pool Road is a narrow and winding two-lane road.

Many who live in the area safe they don't feel safe traveling on it. “I'm certain if those guys hadn't acted that young man would be dead,” said Lieutenant William Pitmon with Bee Cave police.

“Two civilians had stopped by and used their vehicle to push his over and when they did they were able to extract him out of the vehicle safely,” said Pitmon. He said their quick thinking saved a life. “Those guys that stopped really had a split second decision it's either save the guy or not and they chose to save him,” said Pitmon.

Those who live in the area say traveling on this windy narrow road can pose a lot of challenges.

“It's just a bad road,” said Elaine Perkins, who lives right by the recent rollover.

She said crashes are common in her area and constantly sees first responders driving by with their lights on. Even leaving her own home is difficult. "Sometimes you just have to go and just hope for the best because they're traveling so fast,” said Perkins

We did some digging into TxDOT’s crash report data.

There were 18 reported crashes on Hamilton Pool Road since the beginning of last year which averages out to a little more than one per month. “There's not a whole lot of things in our society that are preventable but these traffic accidents are and it's just slowing down,” said Pitmon.

Perkins hopes change comes soon or she fears she will have to move from the home she’s lived in for more than 40 years. According to Bee Cave police, the driver in the roll over is alright. So far, there is nothing set in stone to make the road safer.



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