Thousands race in the 46th Annual Statesman's Cap10k

The streets of downtown Austin flooded with runners as they completed the 46th Annual Statesman's Cap10K run.

"Amazing, the whole lot of people and running downtown," running coach Daniel Rech said. "It's a very good environment."

Spectators cheering on the runners encouraged them to finish strong.

"There's a lot of encouragement out there," said runner Tuty Soto. "So even if you're struggling, there's always somebody there to pick you up and vice versa. If you see somebody struggling, you can pick them up. So right. Community is awesome."

The Daniel Rech team from Round Rock say this is this their second time running the Cap10k run, and they are looking forward to doing it again.

"We are training for life, and I think this is most important," said Rech. "Running in Austin, it would be obligation to us participate in this."

For most runners, it's not just about finishing the race.

"I run because for me, it's a way to, I guess, just express like any like tough, like emotions or like energy that I have," said runner Laura. "I just find it really therapeutic."

"It's a mental break for me," said Soto. "It's a time to just decompress and forget about everything for a while."

"Yeah, I do it for it's my time. Just for me. I really enjoy being alone time and just getting outside and enjoying that," said runner Christy Costlow.

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Runners in the 46th Annual Statesman's Cap 10k.