5 more APD officers receive indictments related to riot cases, union says

Five more Austin Police Department (APD) officers received indictments related to riot cases.

Austin Police Association (APA) President Thomas Villarreal released a statement saying five officers have been notified of indictments against them related to riot cases. They also said the police union would continue to support every officer targeted by the "anti-police" DA.

The Travis County DA's Office fired back saying:

"It is unfortunate that instead of honoring the rule of law and focusing on keeping our community safe, the Austin Police Association has chosen yet again to show discontent and conflict because they are unhappy with oversight decisions made by our community…"

The statement went on to say they "encourage APA to end their political war against the people they are sworn to protect," and asked them to "join them in ensuring those who commit violent acts are held accountable, regardless of their title, political contributions, or size of their wallet."

The APD, nor the DA's office, elaborated on the riot case these indictments are for. 

The DA's office said they will not be commenting, at this time, on any potential indictments issued by grand juries.