6 last-minute Father's Day gift ideas that won't seem so 'last-minute'

Look at you. You should be disgusted with yourself. Father's Day is this Sunday, and you still haven't bought a gift for the man who helped bring you into this world? Tsk tsk tsk.

But fine, what's done is done (or in this case, what's not done remains not done). You're still going to need to get something for dad, and it can't look like you slapped it together on the way to his house.

Lucky for you, we've got a few last-minute gift ideas that pop just might love. Plus, it might actually look like you put some thought and effort into picking them out, despite buying them only days in advance.

Check them out below, you forgetful little punk!


If dad already has everything he needs, he'll always appreciate food. Surprise him with a homemade dessert, or order up a whole barbecue feast and bring it to his house. Depending on which dining options are available in your part of the country, you can also try booking a table at his favorite restaurant or steakhouse. Or, print him out a generous gift certificate from a soon-to-reopen eatery and let him choose when he'd like to go.

Shaving supplies

We don't know your father, but we're guessing his face grows hair. And you can bet he's sick and tired of buying expensive razors to shave it all off. Dollar Shave Club, The Art of Shaving, and even Gilette offer monthly subscription services that can take care of all that dirty work for dad, and deliver high-quality razors (and other shaving needs) straight to his door.

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A massage

Dad gets stressed out just like the rest of us, and what he needs is a proper massage to beat those knots out of his aching back. If dad is comfortable getting a massage in a face mask, find a local spa that offers gift certificates and buy your father a nice rub-down, preferably at a place that also has a steamy sauna to relax in beforehand.

Lottery subscriptions

Ever since you can remember, your father has played the same lottery numbers: your birthday, your mom's birthday, your siblings' birthdays, and his old jersey number from back when he claims to have played some sort of sport in high school. On Father's Day, surprise him by buying a year's worth of those tickets in advance. Several states offer subscriptions that you can fill out (and also purchase) online. Plus, if dad wins big, he'll probably share.


Is there a liquor store on the way to your father's house? Great. Grab him a bottle of the good stuff — the kind of booze he won't buy for himself. (It's also worth asking the clerks if they sell gift bags or bows.) Bonus points if you brush up on a few cocktail recipes beforehand, and play bartender once you get to dad's house.

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Gift Cards

Gift cards are polarizing. Some people embrace the opportunity to spend somebody else's money at a specific store; others would rather have the cash. We don't know how your dad feels about this kind of stuff, but if he likes to try new things, give him a multitude of gift cards to places he might like. A coffee shop, a hardware store, iTunes, that fancy supermarket that sells the dry-aged steaks he likes — the possibilities are endless. Tie them together with a ribbon, or better yet, stop by a drug store and shove all the cards into a handy money clip that he can toss into his glove box.

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