7 Dallas firefighters have tested positive for COVID-19, 2 have recovered and returned to work

Dallas Fire-Rescue confirmed it now has seven members who have tested positive for COVID-19, and has more than 50 firefighters quarantined as a precaution.

Of the seven confirmed cases, two have already recovered and returned to work.

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"Everybody is doing good, no one is in the hospital, all recovering in isolation location or at home," said Jim McDade, President of the Dallas Fire Fighters Association. "​We have 50 members that are quarantined, and those have been exposed or awaiting test results.​"

One issue McDade said the department is dealing with is not having enough masks.

They don’t have enough masks and are re-using them daily and storing them in ZipLock bags.

He said they are doing everything they can to still respond to every call on time, and added that even though some first responders are off the street, this does not mean they will have a reduction in manpower.

Healthy firefighters are working overtime to cover shifts.

Dallas Fire-Rescue DFR

McDade also said said he's concerned with how long it is taking for people to get their test results back.

"Getting test results back to find out whether guys have it, sometimes it's taken up to 10-12 days to get results back. It's not acceptable," he said. "We have to get that number down, especially for first responders because when one first responder gets sick, it takes out 6-10 guys because we have to quarantine them to make sure they are not exposed to the virus."