911 operator helps dad deliver baby on grandma's couch

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Miyah Mineo wasn't supposed to be here until Friday, but she had other plans that included grandma's couch and a frantic 911 call.

Tuesday night around 7:30, as her dad Andy was driving his wife Christina to the hospital, plans changed very quickly.

Miyah was ready to be born, four days early.

The only nearby option was Andy's grandmother's house, and there, he called 911.

"A male on the phone said that his wife was pregnant, and it sounded like she was about to have a baby or at least start the process," 911 Communications Supervisor Kristy Faulkingham said.

She coached Andy through the process and gave Andy detailed instructions as she gathered and relayed information to the ambulance as it headed their way.

"I'm wondering how he kept calm. He was amazing," Kristy said.

He even remained calm as his wife's ear piercing screams resonated through the phone when her water broke.

As the operator listened, she could hear Andy on the phone as he coached his wife and said, "Don't try to prevent this. She said do not try to prevent the birth. If she comes, then she comes, okay? “

Moments later - with the ambulance still a couple minutes away - Miyah's head poked out. 

"Oh yea, that's her head, her heads coming," Andy said. "Oh yea, there she is!"

With one more big push, Miyah was born right there on Grandma's couch.

"I've got my baby in my hand," Andy shouted. "I just delivered my baby!"

Her birthday, October 13, now doubles as a nightshift the Hernando County Sheriff's Office 911 call center will never forget.

"I was more excited for him that he got to deliver his own child. It was pretty awesome," Kristy said.