Abbott Talks on DACA, Wall & Staff Shake UP

Governor Abbott, Monday afternoon, announced a re-shuffling of his staff.

He said his new team will be instrumental in pushing several new initiatives during the upcoming regular session. Abbott declined to provide specifics about what he was planning to pitch to state lawmakers.

The governor did talk about recent developments involving immigration. He was asked: if he's happy with president trump's decision to end "DACA"  or, if he even understood that move. To both questions the Governor simply said, “No.”

In regard to the border wall and how that issue has bounced from the front-burner to the back-burner with President Trump, Governor Abbott was a bit more forgiving.

"We understand the challenges of navigating, the halls of congress and it’s up to the president to find solutions, and I think one thing most Texans agree with is that we need to secure the border, we need to have a better immigration system, and I think the president is working to achieve both of those,” said Governor Abbott.

The governor also said he expects "Hurricane Harvey" recovery efforts will remain a dominant issue in Texas for quite some time.