Austin home builder offers AFD home as fire training site

Central Austin community members got front row seats on how the Austin Fire Department responds to house fires.

Gossett & Co. offers AFD a home they purchased as a training site.

"We're a home builder in this part of Austin, and they know we have a lot of homes that need to be torn down that could be used as practice, so they contact us regularly whenever we get a new home when they get over here and train," president Jared Gossett said.

Before the house is demolished, the fire department has a month-long window where they can go to the home and practice different scenarios.

"So, the firefighters are going to be over here off and on for the next month training and practicing," said Gossett.


Austin firefighter Steve Norman says it's often a challenge for the department to get realistic training to they are grateful for the partnership with Gossett & Co.

"We usually do in-house or do department wide training and those are separate scenarios, and we sometimes use our training props that we use, but it's really hard to replicate an actual structure that's already established," Norman said.

Community members even got in on the fun and had the chance to ask the firefighters about the truck and equipment used.

"Be able to take care and show what we do is the best example we can get because we're a part of the community, and they're here for us, and we're here for them," says Norman.

"It was so generous of the Austin Fire Department to do this, and he really loved everything taking him around and showing him every part," says a man who attended with his son.