After nearly a week of outages, water returns to Leander Monday

As the sun shines in Leander, problems from the harsh snowstorm last week remain. "It’s gotten better the past few days but it’s been a rough week for all of us," said Casey Lennex who lives in Leander.

Lennex was one of the many in Leander who had to go without water when the winter storm hit. For several days she’s had to gather snow in order to have water in her home.

"I just went and got every large container that I could find I got trash cans ice chess buckets anything that would hold anything because I really didn’t know how long we will be without water," said Lennex.

Lennex said she was impressed with how much the community banded together during this time to help one another. "We’ve had neighbors offering water from their own faucets even delivering it things like that," said Lennex.


FOX 7 Austin spoke with the city on Monday, by the afternoon they said everyone in the city should have water again. "We had a lot of challenges with the storm lot of multi-layered incidents we had disasters within disasters," said Billy Wusterhausen the Leander emergency management coordinator.

While the city has water again they are still asking residents to boil their water. "We are still under a boil water notice we are pulling samples today and hope to get those lab results back pretty quick," said Wusterhausen.

With water back right now the city said they are focusing on the storm's aftermath this week. "We are going to focus on the vulnerable population make sure their needs are met. We’re still having some other effects from the storm that we’re having to take care of we’re seeing a lot of road damage we’re having to assess I’m beginning to do some work on that," said Wusterhausen.


With this storm gone, The city recommends people keep enough food and water to last you about 72 hours in case of emergencies.