After the needless death of a bison calf, experts are begging us not to "rescue" baby animals

You just rescued a wild baby animal! ...Or did you just kidnap him and doom him to exile... or worse? In May, a bison calf had to be euthanized after two visitors to Yellowstone showed up at the ranger's station with him in the trunk of their SUV. They had worried he was "too cold" and packed him up despite the park's many warnings not to even approach the animals, let alone strap them into your car.

There are so many well-meaning people who interfere- with heartbreaking results- that wildlife rehabilitation centers and our national parks are begging people- "please don't touch."

Does the animal look injured? Don't touch it. Call the experts.

Is the animal not moving? Don't touch it. Call the experts.

Have you found the animal's dead mother? Don't touch it. Call the experts.

Many of the babies brought in don’t even need to be "saved." They could be learning to fly or their mother could be foraging. So while it might feel good to scoop him up, it’s best not to interfere. One more time, everyone: Don’t touch it. Call the experts.