AISD Police Chief Comments on Bus Driver Accused of sexually assaulting child

An AISD bus driver is under arrest for the continuous sexual abuse of a young child.

Police say Cesar Maldonado waited until the bus monitor left the bus and would then assault the young girl. According to AISD the assaults allegedly happened between March and May of this year.

“The investigation was conducted over several weeks and on Friday August 10th we were able to develop probable cause,” said Ashley Gonzalez the AISD police chief.

Cesar Antonio Maldonado is accused of continuously sexually abusing a young girl on the bus he drove, the complaint was filed back in May.

“At which point the driver was immediately put on administrative leaves,” said Gonzalez.

According chief Gonzalez, part of the reason it took so long for an arrest to be made was due to Maldonado leaving the county this summer. While he’s been working and driving for the district for 10 years, police are treating this as an isolated incident.

“No other complaints have been received but we do ask parents who have questions or concerns about Mr. Maldonado or the safety of their children to please bring it to our attention and contact the police department,” said Gonzalez.

Documents show Maldonado would wait for the bus monitor to leave before making his way to the victim and inappropriately touch her. Right now AISD buses are only required to have at least one adult on board at all times.

“I do know that the aids at some point have to leave the bus to escort other students to the school,” said Gonzalez.

Chief Gonzalez urging parents to talk with their kids.

“Not just with buses but as they walk to and from school; talk about strangers and we remind them about inappropriate conduct or conversations. Listen to them and if they have any questions to bring it to the attention of councilors at the school, administrators or the police department,” said Gonzalez.

Chief Gonzalez says Maldonado had a clean record when he was hired, his bond is set at $50,000.

All AISD busses are armed with cameras, we were told they only check them when there is an incident reported.