AISD student almost hit by car

Next Monday 83,000 Austin Independent School District (ISD) students will head back to school. There will be a lot of school buses on the road and a lot of children getting on and off those buses.

The AISD school year ended with a student having to jump back to avoid being hit in a crosswalk by a truck.

The violation was captured by a camera on a bus stop arm.

"Very close call. The car didn't stop or pay attention or even slow down for this child,” said AISD Transportation Department Executive Director Kris Hafezizadeh.

At least the student was able to get out of the way. During the very first week, two students didn't get the chance.

"They had minor injuries, not serious, but minor/ serious doesn't matter. We need to pay attention for our kids at the bus stops when the flashing lights are on," said Hafezizadeh.

He said in 2016-17 more than 12,000 drivers were captured on video ignoring flashing stop arm signs.

Hafezizadeh’s hoping drivers won't repeat their mistakes as kids head back to the classroom next Monday.

"Starting at 6:15 a.m., 6 a.m. you're going to see buses everywhere,” he said.

Interim Police Chief Chris Evoy said officers will be patrolling school zones along with Austin police.

"Students, parents, everybody going to school just need to be aware we need to slow down when we get to our school zones be aware of the speed limits, back to the understanding of flashing yellow lights speed has to be reduced at that time,” said Evoy. "Stay off your cell phone. Cell phone usage is one of the biggest things that cause accidents."

Should you get pulled over, it will be a costly mistake. Breaking laws in school zones or ignoring one of these flashing stop arms will cost you up to $1,000.