AISD superintendent presents $989.3 million bond to trustees

Austin ISD Superintendent Paul Cruz presented a $989.3 million bond package at a board meeting Monday night.

It includes 14 new or modernized schools. The meeting at AISD headquarters began around 5:30 p.m. and the bond was presented around 9:25 p.m.

The bond proposal includes the rebuilding of T.A. Brown Elementary.

The school was forced to close its doors in November after the flooring was deemed unsafe.

The proposal also lists building a new school, grades 4-8, to relieve Blazier Elementary. They list Bowie High School, where they plan to tackle overcrowding concerns. There are also technology improvements across the district and transportation projects, where they're asking for 220 new buses.

The total dollar amount is $989.3 million. In order to maintain the current tax rate, the cost of the projects cannot exceed $1 billion.

That means several other projects were excluded, such as a LASA expansion and the modernization of Martin High School. We're told it was a difficult decision for administration but they are happy with what ended up on the list.

"A lot of those projects include facilities that had some lower facility scores to ensure we're going back to that safe, warm and dry for our students. They're making sure that they have those facilities that keep them safe and are good places for learning. When we're there rebuilding and doing these projects, ensuring we're creating a modernized, urban education experience for them," said Samantha Alexander, assistant director, AISD Communications.

Board members could always argue to replace a project on the list. Monday night's discussion on the bond will likely continue at a special meeting set for Wednesday. Trustees expect to vote on a bond next Monday. Then it will be up to voters to decide on it in the November