All eyes on US in Austin as women's national team wins back-to-back World Cup titles

All eyes were on the Women's World Cup final as the U.S. women's national team took on and defeated the Netherlands. 

The match was watched by people throughout the world, including here in Austin.

It was a packed house Sunday as hundreds of fans crowded into Haymaker on Manor Road in East Austin. 

Many watched to see if the American women's team would go back-to-back as World Cup champions.

Fans were in full voice as the team took on the Netherlands in the Women's World Cup final. 

"We're excited and hopeful," said Jesse Eason, with The American Outlaws, a local group that supports both the men's and women's national soccer teams.

The group includes Phillip Vriseno who’s been following the Women's World Cup throughout the tournament. 

"The girls need all the support they can get. They're playing a really good team," said Vriseno. 

This World Cup had many people on the edge of their seats because the U.S. women's team has taken a lead going into halftime of every match they've played. 

However, on Sunday that wouldn't be the case in the match against the Netherlands.

"It's nail-biting for sure," said Easdon.

It wasn't until an hour into the game that Megan Rapinoe broke the scoreless tie for the U.S. during the first half.

"We all knew she was going to score," said Wellman. 

Rapinoe opened the scoring in the 61st minute as she connected on a penalty kick to giving the United States a 1-0 lead.

Moments after she struck a familiar victorious pose with arms stretched out. 

"That was just amazing Megan Rapinoe doing it again doing it for all of us. She just seemed so calm and relaxed about it and when she scored," said Wellman. 

It wasn't too long until another round of excitement would echo throughout the bar. 

Rose Lavelle put the match out of reach, when she scored with a powerful left-footed drive past the Dutch goalkeeper in the 69th minute.

At the end of the game the American women's team didn't disappoint.

"So proud so proud of our team our women's team specifically and proud of the U.S.," said Wellman. 

"We’re the best in the world," said Vriseno.

They took the win with that 2-0 lead. 

This is the US Women’s team’s fourth World Cup title.