Amazon selling brownie pan that bakes nothing but corner pieces

(Baker's Edge)

Brownie lovers, rejoice!

You won't have to fight over who gets the yummy, crispy corner pieces from a sheet of brownies any longer.

Amazon is now selling a brownie pan that bakes only corner pieces. Yes, you heard the right! ONLY THE CORNERS! 

The 9x12" nonstick pan comes from Baker's Edge who says the product fits standard box mixes with no adjustments necessary. The company also promises the the pan will add "two chewy edges to every brownie." 

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The "Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan" sells on Amazon for $35.95 and is getting rave reviews!

"I bought this pan for my hubby because there can never be enough brownie corner pieces," wrote L. Hart. "This pan makes him very happy! It makes me happy because it's a sturdy, heavy duty pan. It's nonstick surface is amazing--brownies don't stick at all."

"This is a great American made product," Robert E wrote in his review. "I’ve been making brownies for the past 45+ years and this is the best brownie pan I've ever had the pleasure to use."

If you need this in your life, you can find it HERE.