APA: police officers need better body armor

Officers being killed this past month sparked a conversation about protecting cops better. Two public safety organization are saying the current body armor for Austin police officers is not enough. According to the Austin Police Association and the Greater Austin Crime Commission, the current vests can only handle handgun bullets not rifle bullets, which tend to be much more powerful. 

Ken Casaday, the President of the Austin Police Association, says the vests run for a few hundred dollars each but that it is accounted for already in the city's proposed budget. The issue was taken to City Hall on Monday at the Public Safety Committee meeting. Now, it is in the hands of the Austin City Council.

In light of all the recent events in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Kansas City, Cassda ybelieves it is time to better protect our officers. "It's a very dangerous job when you have people who are just hell bent on wanting to kill you, taking the higher ground and sniping you," said Casaday. 

Some parts of the police community are helping too, like Christina Jackson. Her brother-in-law is an Austin police officer. Christina set up a GoFundMe account for new body armor. "With all that's been going on in the United States with police officers lately I wanted to try to earn some money to get better body armor for him," said Christina. 

The Greater Austin Crime Commission is also calling for the city council to hire more police officers to patrol.