APD arrests man for forcing Houston woman into prostitution

The Austin Police Department has arrested a man accused of forcing a woman into prostitution. 

According to APD, 31-year-old Christopher Brooks Perez has been charged with human trafficking, a second degree felony. Perez is in the Travis County Jail on a 100-thousand dollar bond. 

Perez and the 18-year-old victim from Houston, Texas met online and began communicating frequently. 

The victim expressed an interest to Perez for the relationship to continue in person and the two arranged to meet at a corner store near her home. According to the victim, Perez showed up with two others. 

The victim left with all three for Dallas. 

Once in Dallas, the victim was forced to perform sexual acts with strangers for money. 

Perez would take the money from the strangers paid and keep it for himself. The victim was taken to multiple cities by Perez and forced to perform these acts including Nacogdoches, Longview and Austin. 

On Thursday, September 14, the victim and Perez were in a car accident in Austin. 

After talking to police officers on her way to the hospital, the victim was referred to victim services. Perez was taken into custody later by police officers with the Austin Police Department.