APD dash cam video of carbon monoxide incidents

FOX 7 has obtained APD dash video showing just how busy they were this past year responding to carbon monoxide incidents.

Although repaired Ford Explorers are being put back in service, several officers are still suffering from their exposure. There are still two officers who can't go back to work because of their condition and three officers are on limited duty status.

"Do either of y'all want to be transported to the hospital?" from dash cam video. 

FOX 7 obtained several dash cam videos showing carbon monoxide incidents throughout this past year. Due to the exposure, some officers report they are still feeling the affects.

"We have a female officer, that will go unnamed, that went home that night and had a miscarriage. We have Officer Zach LaHood that is still having issues with his vision and cognitive skills. We have two or three other officers that are still handicapped by what has happened to them," says Ken Casaday, Austin Police Association President.  

Police say the first incident was in February when two officers reported problems with their vehicle. Then in March, a sergeant reported a significant issue. After that, Austin Police put carbon monoxide detectors inside the cars. At least 69 leaks were reported. 

"I just have a headache," from dash cam video. 

The 100 Club of Central Texas says they've assisted four APD officers who are considered injured in the line of duty. But, this situation has been different. 

"We went several months without even being aware that we had officers who had been off of duty, for several months in a row, that had been exposed to the carbon monoxide. When it was brought to our attention, that's when we jumped in and reacted. We were able to meet with those families and present them with the financial assistance," Tami Baker, chair, 100 Club of Central Texas. 

This summer, Austin Police took more than 400 vehicles out of service. It was announced last week they're slowly coming back. First, potential issues were identified. Then Ford outlined repairs to be carried out by local dealerships to address carbon monoxide concerns.

"Could there have been modifications made by cities that allowed for this? Yes, but why would you be replacing tailpipes, exhaust manifolds and seals on doors if that's not your problem?" says Casaday. 

The 100 Cub says this is an opportunity for the community to be there for their first responders. They can help by making a monetary donation to their non-profit.

"I know that through speaking to them, that they have felt almost abandoned. So they've had to deal with those mental issues...some of them also feeling that they let their comrades down and that's not so," says Baker.