APD investigates homicide in East Austin

Austin police are investigating a possible murder in Northeast Austin.

Police said a call came in around 1:15 Saturday morning, reporting a man lying on the curb possibly sleeping on Johnny Morris Road near Point North Drive.

“When officers arrived, they were accompanied by EMS.  Officers noticed that the subject had trauma to his body, CPR was performed, but unfortunately the subject was pronounced deceased due to his injuries,” said senior police officer Bino Cadenas with the Austin Police Department.

Police said the man's injuries raised some suspicion that this could be a homicide.

Detectives were called to the area to investigate.

“We currently don't have any witnesses that saw the event, so the officers are canvassing the area,” said Cadenas.

The victim is described as a black man in his 30s or 40s and police are not releasing any information about possible suspects.

That's putting people in the neighborhood on edge.

“This morning, when I heard about it, I had kind of mixed feelings not knowing if it was a car accident or if he got killed by someone, because it didn't really say exactly what happened. And I leave every morning very early, kind of in the dark, so I’m always looking around when I leave, so it does concern me,” said Rose McAlister who lives near the area the body was found.

McAlister said she did not hear anything unusual overnight and she's not surprised police haven't heard from any witnesses, because people in her neighborhood mostly keep to themselves, but she also said the area is rarely watched by police.

“Sometimes we do hear cars racing, gunshots going out in the middle of the night, fireworks, sometimes someone just comes out shooting and we're kind of concerned, really because we don't really have much patrol here, but sheriff's, and sheriff's hardly ever come by here,” McAlister said. 

Police are asking for the public's help with this investigation.

“So, we're asking the public if you saw or heard anything, please call 911. Detectives would love to speak to you,” Cadenas said. 

Neighbors said they are taking extra precautions and being more cautious while walking through the area since learning about the possible homicide.



Austin Police have launched a homicide investigation after discovering a man's body along Johnny Morris Road. 

Around 1:15 a.m. someone called 911 to report seeing someone laying on the side of the curb. The caller told 911 it appeared that the man was sleeping. When officers and Austin-Travis County EMS arrived they found he had obvious signs of trauma. 

First responders worked to save the man but he was pronounced dead. At this point in the investigation police are not saying how the man died although it does not appear that he was hit by a car. 

"We have an active investigation going on and we are speaking to neighbors and possible witnesses to figure out what happen," said Senior APD Officer Bino Cardenas. 

Police are working to identify the man. They say he is a black male between 30 and 40 years old. Officers have not released any information about a possible suspect.

If you know anything about what happened police want to hear from you.