APD investigates second shooting near ARCH in two weeks

Austin police responded to a shooting after 9:40 p.m. Saturday night outside the ARCH on 7th Street.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and the suspect fled the scene. The shooting marks the second to happen in the area within two weeks.

"As you guys all know it has been somewhat violent down here and we are taking actions our chain of command is taking actions to address those issues," Cpl. Taylor with the Austin Police Department said.

Taylor said APD is currently working with other agencies to address issues in the entertainment district.

According to APD’s Crime Review Tool, last year around this time there were 29 aggravated assaults reported a thousand feet from the ARCH. This year there have been 45 reported violent crimes, including the shooting that happened the previous weekend. An arrest report detailed the incident stating a 26-year-old man experiencing homelessness shot a woman multiple times. 

As of Sunday no arrests were reported from Saturday night’s shooting and police are investigating the shooter’s motive.