APD: Man banging on doors shot by homeowner

A homeowner in South Austin fatally shot a man who tried forcing his way into the home early Monday morning.

According to police, the man was banging on doors at several homes in the 10200 block on Brantley Bend.

It's unclear why he was banging on the doors or if he said anything.

Austin police received several calls from concerned neighbors about the incidents.

While banging on one door, a homeowner answered and said the man tried pushing his way into the house.

Police told FOX 7, the homeowner was alarmed and feared for his safety as well as his family, which includes his wife and three children, all who were home at the time.

The homeowner shot the suspect. The suspect died at the scene.

Police did not release the suspect's identity.

A spokesperson for APD said the suspect was in his 20s.

The investigation continues so it's unclear if the suspect is from the area or why he was banging on doors.

This is a developing story and it will be updated as more information becomes available.