APD officer Abdul-Khaliq given full police honors

A large American flag was draped at the entrance to the Delco center. Austin firefighters put it up Thursday morning as children from a nearby school pressed against a fence and watched intently.

Bianca Rivera, one of the teachers agreed it was both a teachable moment and a moment to absorb. "I think it's a little bit of both it can teach them hell these men risk their lives and what they do on a daily basis," said Rivera.

The motorcade that brought the family of senior Officer Amir Abdul-Khaliq arrived shortly before 11:00.

At about the same time, officer Vance Debes walked up with his daughter. The toddler smiled and embraced everyone she met. Debes is a member of the pipe and drum corps, which always plays during memorial services.

This time it is even more personal, Amir Abdul-Khaliq was a close friend. "It is important because we are one big family and we have to watch out for each other so we can come home to our families," said Debes.

Several local motorcycle riders also attended the ceremony.

Some put blue tape on their bikes others put on the number 13, which was Amir's motor unit number.

"It just struck a chord with me, he was doing his job and he had to pay the ultimate price doing his job he's an ex-Marine and I'm an ex Marine, duty, service and I just want to be a part of it," said local biker Darrell Nichols.

The final farewell featured a traditional gun salute. Taps also echoed around the Delco Center just before a single APD helicopter flew over the crowd that had gathered outside.

Chief Art Acevedo  presented each family member with flags from the Honor Guard.

And after that there was a walk by with a riderless horse followed by the last call was sent out from APD dispatch. "On authority of chief art Acevedo of the Austin Police Department badge number 4025 is officially retired and Sr Officer Amir Abdul Khaliq is 1042."