APD officer gets support from fellow officers, community

Members of the Austin Police Department along with people from the community worked together raise money for a fellow officer who’s battling a deadly illness.

Saturday officers swapped out their tactical vests for their cooking aprons.

They fired up the grill to raise money for Officer Frank Gobourne who’s battling stage four pancreatic cancer.

“He’s a damn good friend. We came in we’ve been friends for roughly ten years now.”

Gobourne’s partner Officer Craig Quintanilla said the two bonded right from the very start.

"Being on the motor unit with each other and that's what we are assigned too...we are a brotherhood very tight brotherhood. We are different from the patrol guys. We deal with each other's family issues and help each other,” said Quintanilla.

Dozens of people from the community came out to show their support including officers from different agencies.

“Cancer is a horrible disease so you hate to hear anybody catch it.”

But not everybody who came out to show support had close ties with Officer Gobourne. Emily Robinson said she’s never met Gobourne but said she knows first-hand what cancer can do to a person and a family.

“My father lasted ten weeks and GoBourne’s fighting and it’s scary and he’s one of the bravest people I have not yet met,” said Robinson.

She said the support from family and friends makes a world of a difference.

“The community here as you can tell they are just supportive it’s not just family members it’s the community that’s also our family.”

Quintanilla said he’ll stand by Gobourne’s side until he’s cancer free.

“And I know Frank will never go down without a fight and not only that we are here with him,” said Quintanilla.

If you would like to donate to Gobourn’s GoFundme, click here.