APD officer shoots and kills home invasion suspect

A home invasion in Central Austin left one man dead and two officer’s placed on administrative leave. Police were dispatched to a home on the 4500 block of Avenue G Friday morning to a burglary in progress.

APD Assistant Chief Troy Gay said APD was dispatched around 3:40 A.M. He said residents inside the home told police an intruder broke into their home and fired gunshots inside the home and out. They hid inside their closet until police arrived.

Gay said police caught the suspect leaving the home.

“The officers gave commands they announced Austin Police Department they told the individual to stop and show their hands the suspect shot at the officers the officers then returned fire,” Gay said.

The suspect died at the scene and the officers were unharmed.

Nearby neighbors like Justin Sibley said the neighborhood is a relatively safe one.

“It’s a little scary you know we’ve felt pretty safe living there so far you know this kind of stuff can happen in any neighborhood,” Sibley said.

The suspect has yet to be identified.

Friday’s officer shooting is the first of 2018 APD had nine officer involved shootings in 2017.