APD officer suspended over comments, "Too bad it wasn't her that was shot instead of Judge Kocurek"

An Austin Police Department officer is currently on suspension after making comments about a judge.

According to a memo from APD Police Chief Brian Manley, Officer Julian Ogle has been put on a ten-day suspension after comments he made about a judge to attorneys with the Travis County District Attorney's Office. 

On July 26, 2019, Officer Ogle met with attorneys to prepare for a trial. 

During the meeting, Officer Ogle made a comment related to a judge that allowed certain defendants out of jail on personal recognizance bonds. 

According to the memo, Officer Ogle was noted to have said: "Too bad it wasn't her that was shot instead of Judge Kocurek."

The officer was referring to the 2015 incident in which Judge Julie Kocurek was shot while in her car in front of her son and other family members.  

The attorneys shared the comment Officer Ogle made with members of their office, who brought it to the attention of APD. 

An Internal Complaint Memorandum was requested for Internal Affairs to conduct an investigation into the comments made by Officer Ogle. 

Officer Ogle acknowledged to internal affairs that he was expressing his feelings towards the judge in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. 

Officer Ogle is on suspension for violating the rules and regulations: 

900.3.2 Acts of Bringing Discredit Upon the Department 

972.4 Prohibited Speech, Expression and Conduct 

Chief Manley temporarily suspended Officer Ogle for a period of ten days between January 18, 2020, to January 27, 2020.