APD prepares for heightened terror alert during 4th of July weekend

U.S. intelligence officials are warning of potential ISIS-inspired attacks at 4th of July events. Here locally, Austin police say there is no known threat, but that doesn't mean they aren't preparing.    
There are two places of concern--the fireworks show at Auditorium Shores and the Willie Nelson picnic at the Circuit of the Americas

Joseph Chacon, commander of the intelligence division of APD, addressed the media Thursday. Chacon said his officers are running patrol officers through a terroristic threat training to better prepare them as to what to watch out for this weekend. He says patrol areas near 4th of July events will be at 100 percent staffing. Along with the extra officers working the events, patrol units will be staged throughout the city.

"We want everyone to have a good time at the event. We are not wanting people to be in this heightened state of panic and not be able to enjoy themselves. But, we live in a different world now and I think it's important for everyone, my family included, to be aware of what's going on around you and if you see something that is not right to tell someone," said Chacon.

The Austin Symphony Orchestra will kick things off Saturday night at 8:30, followed by fireworks at 9:30. The event is free.