APD: Six more officers exposed to carbon monoxide

“This is an issue that over my 30 years of law enforcement, we've never faced an issue like this,” said Assistant Police Chief Troy Gay.

Carbon monoxide has been seeping into the Austin Police Department's Ford SUV’s.

“Currently we have around 30 vehicles that we have pulled and we are having inspected,” said Gay.

Back in March, Sergeant Zachary Lahood reportedly passed out under the wheel. Doctors found high levels of the toxin in his body. He recently filed a lawsuit against ford motor company.

“We have placed paper carbon monoxide detectors in all our ford utility vehicles. We have hardwired carbon monoxide detectors in all our vehicles as well,” said Gay.

Just within the last six days, APD says six more officers were exposed and treated for carbon monoxide.       Austin police association president Ken Casaday supports sergeant Lahood's lawsuit and hopes the city can find a solution quickly.

“They're out there making sure the community is safe every day and I don't need to be worried and they don't need to be worried about being poisoned in their police cars,” said Casaday back in June.

“The health and well-being of our officers is our number one concern,” said Gay.

Casaday said a couple solutions being considered are fleet changes and renting vehicles. Both Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are investigating the Explorer model  years 2011-2015.