APD trains more than 500 people in active shooter response

After yet another mass shooting took place killing seventeen people in Florida, the Austin Police Department wants the public to be better prepared for active shooter situations. APD spent Sunday evening educating more than 500 people at St. Albert the Great Catholic Church on the Civilian Active Shooter Events.

APD Officer Joshua Visi said the program was created after the mass shooting in Columbine.

After each tragic shooting law enforcement evaluates the incidents and makes changes to their tactics, procedures and gear. It typically takes law enforcement three to ten minutes to arrive on scene. “And in those three minutes we really haven’t done a great job of teaching people how to increase their chances of survival,” said Officer Visi.

Senior Officer Frank Creasey taught a second part of the program teaching three steps.

One, avoiding the gunmen at all cost.

Two, denying the shooter access to your area. For example, locking doors, and placing barriers between you and the person trying to harm you.

Lastly, defend.

“Defend yourself do whatever you have to do to survive unfortunately in incidents here the shooter has one ultimate goal and that’s to harm people,” Creasey said. “Unfortunately with all the shootings that’s going on. It’s not if something is going to happen it’s when the next one is going to be unfortunately.”