Arlington suspect placed tracking device on ex's car leading to confrontation, shooting

The Arlington police chief is praising his officers who shot and killed the man who they witnessed shoot a former girlfriend.

Arlington Police Chief Al Jones says the suspect used a tracker to follow his ex-girlfriend. The two had been in a long-term relationship and broke up months before the shooting.

"This officer-involved shooting was an end result of a horrific domestic violence incident that involved a man that intended to kill an innocent woman," he said.

Police say they were called to Kane Park for a domestic incident on Sunday, June 9. 

When officers arrived, police say they saw 42-year-old Shannon Boyd shooting at his 40-year-old ex-girlfriend.

Arlington police say that Boyd and the woman had been in a long-term relationship, but they had separated several months prior.

The woman was in her car with a male friend when they noticed Boyd following them. They pulled over at the park and Boyd told the man to leave the area, according to police.

That man, fearing for his life, left the scene and called 911, bringing officers to the scene.

Chief Jones says three Arlington police officers arrived within four minutes.

Dash camera video released on Tuesday shows Boyd in the distance and the victim, whose image has been blurred.


Detectives released only still images of what happened next. The chief says he understands the need for transparency, but he does not want to traumatize the victim any further by releasing the full video.

Arlington police say as they arrived, the officer saw Boyd shoot the woman three times. Three officers opened fire, hitting and killing Boyd.

"In the video, you see Mr. Boyd fire four shots," Jones said. "We believe that he may have been trying to shoot himself but missed."

The woman survived the attack and is still in the hospital recovering.

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No officers were involved in the shooting.

"Those officers got to the park as fast as they could," Chief Jones said. "I'm proud that they took the decisive action to stop the threat and to save her life."

Police say Boyd does have a history of domestic abuse.

The woman had filed a police report against Boyd the week before in Allen. She said Boyd showed up to a movie theater and assaulted her.

Three hours before the shooting, Boyd showed up to an Arlington restaurant where the woman was eating. She said he threatened her and pointed a gun at her before leaving.

After the shooting, officers found a tracking device underneath the woman's car.

Arlington police say they were in the process of getting a warrant for Boyd's arrest at the time of the shooting.

The officers involved in the shooting were a 9-year vet, a 2-year vet and the other has spent one year on the job.

APD says a criminal and administrative investigation into the shooting are underway.