'Armed and dangerous' Manhunt continues for suspect in murder of Orlando Premium Outlets manager

Police continue their search for 46-year-old Daniel Everett, the man accused of gunning down an assistant manager at the Orlando International Premium Outlets just hours after he was fired.

It happened Monday at the Under Armour store and Everett has not been found.

According to detectives, Everett is accused of shooting and killing his former assistant manager, Eunice Vazquez. They say they also found disturbing evidence during their search: a list, believed to have been created by Everett, that included names of employees. That list was reportedly emailed to the employees. 

"Soon after the shooting we learned he created a list, where he listed other employees," Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said. "It immediately became our priority to ensure that those employees are safe."

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All of the employees on the list have been accounted for and are safe.

Vazquez's family says Everett was fired after several employee made complaints against him. Her family is pleading for Everett to give himself up.

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Police say Everett may be driving a dark charcoal Kia Sorrento.

The Orlando Police Department released a statement on the incident on Wednesday, stating that "this murder was a senseless tragedy and we mourn the loss of a valuable member of our Orlando community. As such, our investigators continue to work tirelessly to locate the suspect and bring him to justice."

If you see Everett, police say do not approach because he is considered armed and dangerous. Instead, call 911 immediately.