Athletic trainer saves life of Boling High School student after collapsing

A Boling High School student and his parents spoke with FOX 26 after a scary incident during an athletic period at school.

15-year-old Kade Smith had to receive five rounds of CPR to bring him back and breathing once more after collapsing.


The athletic trainer, Shelby Jacobs from Houston Methodist Sugar Land, says he’s lucky to be alive.

"Right as I was beside him, I couldn't find a pulse and there was no breathing," said Shelby Jacobs, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer.

"The first thing I remember is being in the ambulance and I wake up, I could talk, but I couldn't see anything," said Kade Smith, Student. "It was terrifying."


For all those involved, Jacobs and Kade’s parents say it was a typical Monday, until they got a call that Kade had collapsed.

"We were just running on the track, I got about halfway done and just the colors started turning gray and my vision started fading," said Kade."I cross the finish line and just collapsed."

Turns out he had a heart condition, his dad, Grady Smith told us. His son must now stay away from long duration, high output cardio.

"He has a genetic heart condition that affects the way the electricity works in his heart, it's called long QT syndrome," said Grady Smith, Kade’s Dad. "He has to be on medication for the rest of his life."


Kade’s parents want to bring awareness to this heart condition that Grady says affects many teen athletes. Many don’t even know it until something drastic like this happens.

"It’s a condition that’s fairly common in teenage athletes, but it cannot be diagnosed without an EKG."

Leaning the news was difficult for Kade, who truly enjoys playing the game of baseball.

"I was very worried. I was prepared to not play anymore," said Kade.

"We are so thankful for Shelby and the staff for saving his life," said Grady.