Atlanta woman delivers baby in car during rush hour

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Star 94.1's "Jeff and Jenn Show" recently featured a local mother, who has quite the story to share after she delivered her baby in the car during rush hour in Buckhead last month.

On Feb. 7, Kara Mylod started having intense contractions and decided to head to the hospital with her husband. As they walked out to the car, she felt as if her water was going to break, so she sent her husband back inside to grab a blanket. 

"By the time he got back outside, my water had broken in the driveway of our house," Kara told "Jeff and Jenn Show" listeners

The couple lives about three miles from Piedmont Hospital in Buckhead and were about halfway there when Kara had another intense contraction. 

"I had a feeling that things were happening," she said. "So, I looked down and then told my husband to pull over." 

Kara's husband pulled over and they called 911. That was around 6:33 p.m. 

"I remember him shouting the address over and over, where we were," she recalled. "Next thing I knew, he was saying, 'Sir, the baby is out.'" 

Kara said she just sort of reached down with both hands, then pulled out her third child. A healthy baby girl, who they named Maeve! She weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces. 

"I think I put my feet up on the dashboard," she joked.

Kara said the 911 operator urged them to wait for an ambulance to arrive, but they decided to drive themselves to the hospital since they were so close. 

"We were quickly greeted by a team of nurses and doctors," she said. 

Then, Kara's husband cut his daughter's umbilical cord in the parking lot, outside the E.R. entrance of the hospital. 

Members of the "Jeff and Jenn Show" praised Kara for how calm she remained throughout the ordeal. She said she tried not to let the "what ifs" get to her. 

Now, seven weeks later, Kara, her husband, and their newest bundle of joy are all doing amazing! 

An added bonus: Their hospital bill appears to be slightly less expensive since Kara delivered the baby herself!