Austin-area businesses, individuals get creative to help others during COVID-19 pandemic

Creative businesses in Central Texas are using their talents and time to help others through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This economic lull has left an Austin sign company with a surplus of time and material. COVID-19 could have entirely cut business at Rocket Banners, but none of their leftover materials has gone to waste.

The shop has made more than 600 free "open for takeout" banners for hundreds of local restaurants.

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"We were thinking about all the restaurants that were going to be open, and we knew there was a need for these signs and we knew we had the material to make these signs," said owner David Zuenfeldt.

Each banner costs the shop about $10, but Zuenfeldt says it's a win-win situation.

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"We had so much material, and you know I wanted something to do for my employees that are here, a lot of them are working from home now - but it's just fun to help the neighborhood community," Zuenfeldt said. 

Also determined to help her own community, Pflugerville artist Wendy Layne has transformed her art studio into a sewing studio for masks. She's honoring more than a thousand requests and just started making the free masks three days ago.

"So many people needed them, more than I ever expected," Layne said. "I've been working 13 to 17 hour days."

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She says the only thing that matters to her is that people wear them and get better. Layne is accepting fabric donations and asks anyone interested in donating to contact her through her Facebook page.


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