Austin City Council weighs approval of second proposed Austin Energy rate increase

The Austin City Council is weighing approval of a second proposed rate increase by Austin Energy.

Austin Energy says it needs to raise its base rate to close a $48 million revenue gap.

The proposed base rate increase, of 7.6 percent, is expected to increase the electrical bill of a typical residential customer by about $15.

This would be in addition to the $15 dollar a month fuel charge council approved, last month.


Tuesday, Austin residents had a chance to voice their concerns during a public hearing on the matter.

"I find the proposal that Austin Energy has brought you all on the residential rate structure professionally and personally offensive. It just really stands the policy priorities of this city on their heads. It says equity does not matter, fairness does not matter, and energy conservation is no longer a priority," an Austin resident stated.

City council is expected to make a decision on the base rate increase proposal before the end of the year. If approved, residents could see the rate hike on their January bill.